How it works


We have three different service offerings

Mobile Proctor

We will connect to your smartphone with a video chat (link). The proctor will ask to see your ID, will have you show your work area/room, and will have you place the phone between 3-6 feet away from you in the room so that it can see you and the computer screen while you are testing: Important: make sure you have your phone on the charger. 

Mobile Proctor Plus

We add the use of the webcam or second camera to see your area. The proctor will provide you with this link and will assist you in setting up

ProctorExam Live

If you do not have a working smartphone, or your institution has required end to end recording of your session, we will connect using ProctorExam software. For this service we will have you use Chrome. You will download a screen sharing extension and then we will launch the software. The software will guide you through set-up of your screen-sharing, camera and ID verification. Your proctor is available via chat to assist you.